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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Secret Keeper

In this profession, I get the pleasure of being a keeper of many secrets!  It's super fun when I get an e-mail from a customer that asks if I can keep the name, and sometimes gender, of the baby a secret from friends and family members.  I'm really good at keeping this secret!  :-x

Hayley Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
I received one of these e-mail from an old middle school friend, Mary-Margaret.  She contacted me before Christmas about her baby-in-the-belly, Audrey, and she and her husband had not told anyone her name... secret keeper = me!

Even more exciting, is that Audrey's bedding comes from one of my favorite bedding stores, Pottery Barn Kids!  I think this one in particular may be my absolute favorite!  I love the quilted look and I especially love the owls and birds!  In fact, if I ever have a girl (which given my streak of boys may never happen), I would love to use this bedding set.

So, even though I posted Audrey's finished letters on Facebook for Mary-Margaret to see, I did not tag her in the pictures, so no one knew who the letters were for (clever, clever).  But now that the baby is here and she is 7 months old, I'm definitely allowed to share!

Kidspired's Creation:

 The Reveal:

 P.S.  I absolutely LOVE the stripe across the center of the wall.  It breaks up the green extremely well!  Good job, Mary-Margaret!

A long name like Audrey allows for a wide variety of patterns on the letters, but what happens when you have so many cute designs to choose from and a short 4 letter name?  For baby Kate, I chose to take the theme of the nursery, the trees, birds and owls, and include them on 2 of the four letters.  This makes the whole name look like it goes together instead of having only one letter with the main pattern and simple patterns on the other three.  I then chose simple patterns that are in the bedding design for the other two letters, but with a bolder background color so these letters don't fade into the wall.

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