1. a child, group of children, or actions of a child/group of children that elicits actions or emotions or creativity in adults 
2. an event or visual reminder that stimulates youthful creativity 
3. a creation or action specifically designed for the purpose of entertaining and inspiring youth
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Thursday, August 4, 2011


If you live in Louisiana, especially South Louisiana, you are extremely familiar with the "Fleur de Lis" (French for "water flower/lily") because, well, you can't miss it... it's everywhere.  If you are FROM South Louisiana, chances are, you decorate with Fleur de Lys (plural of lis) quite frequently.  Just take a look at my house:
shower curtains, mats, buckets, candles, clocks, wall decor and more!

And I'm not even an extremist.  For one, the fleur de lis symbol is quite pretty... prettier than #, %, or @, for example.  And two, it has become a symbol that represents our cultural identity and history here in South Louisiana.  It was a symbol that gave hope, strength and courage to the people of New Orleans and those homes and families were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  And the first time that the New Orleans Saints walked back onto the field at the Superdome, proudly wearing their gold helmets with the black fleur de lis, there wasn't a single dry eye to anyone who has ever called New Orleans "home." 

So, it's no surprise that I like to paint fleur de lys.  Here are a few samples of paintings that I have done.  I hope to be painting a lot more soon!

And if you're a teacher, please check out Kidspired Creation's "Fleur de Teach" bulletin boards!

And for more Louisiana flare...
Laissez les bon temps rouler, y'all!

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