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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ava! Ava! Ava!

I absolutely LOVE the name Ava for a baby girl!  Don't you?  Of course you do!  That's why Ava is currently the 5th most popular girl's name in the U.S.  (In case you were wondering, Casey is #528...  What?  I, at least, was curious!)  So, not surprisingly, all within a few month period, I was asked by 3 different mommies to create wall letters for 3 different Avas!

The great thing about doing the same name 3 times is that I got to do it 3 DIFFERENT ways!  Very exciting (once again, it doesn't take much to excite me). 

Ava #1

Ava's mom, Erin, sent me pictures of the bedding and the name of the line so I could Google the bedding.  Most often, websites that sell bedding also include closeups of the pattern which make it so much easier for me to replicate.   She also e-mailed me the pieces that she had purchased:  the valence, the bedding, and coordinating fabric.  Erin also sent me pictures of the room so I knew that the walls were pink striped.  Had I not known that her walls were pink, chances are, I would have painted her letters pink since it is the predominant color in the whole color scheme.  Knowing that her walls were pink, I focused on the brown and white instead.

KC's Creation:
The Reveal:

Ava #2
Brooke, Ava's mom, sent me a link to the bedding she had purchased for her baby-in-the-belly.  The great thing about this fun and funky girl bedding is that it was so easy to find loads of pictures simply by Googling "Bubblegum Bedding."  I was able to get closeups of the spots and stripes, and since these are professional pictures, the colors are more exact than if you would have taken a picture with a point-n-shoot flash camera. 
KC's Creation:
The Reveal:
Ava #3:
I really had a great time working with Amanda!  She thinks that she was being "obnoxious" with all of her questions and ideas, however, she could not have been more wrong!  Her questions and ideas sparked more questions and ideas in my own head, and between all of our back-and-forth e-mails we finally came up with the perfect pattern for Ava's letters.  Her thought process reminded me of the thought process that I go through before and during my painting process.  Here is her description of her nursery and ideas for the letters: 
"The feel of my nursery is cozy and serene.  It's soft and simple.  The color of the walls is a creamy, barely yellow and the molding and curtains are bright white.  I was originally going to order letters that were white with various pastel colored polka dots.  I think I do still want the letters to be white and whatever you paint on them to be all pastel colors but I'm not stuck on polka dots...maybe polka dots on one and other simple patterns on the other two?? What do you think?"
She also had a GREAT and creative way to hang the letters, which I featured in my post, "How to Hang Wall Letters."
I LOVE that she drew her idea for me!
Now, I love Ava's bedding from SFERRA:  ABC Sampler, but Amanda didn't want the bedding to control the theme of the nursery.  She chose the "cozy and serene" theme with pastel accents and had different wall hangings that carried that theme throughout the room.

Because Ava only has 3 letters, there are two different options for making the letters look like they belong together:  1.  each letter is different, but coordinates, 2.  each letter has the same pattern.  You may have noticed that for Ava #1 and Ava #2, each letter is different, but coordinates.  If I would have alternated the pattern by making both "A's" the same and the "V" different, the "V" would have looked out of place.  Alternating patterns works best with an odd number of letters, but only with names with 5 or more letters.  
Amanda decided that she wanted all 3 letters to have the same polka-dot pattern, but different color dots on each letter.  Then, she wanted to carry all of the 3 pastel colors, and a few more pastels, throughout each of the letters with detailed flower bouquets.  What a great idea, Amanda!  I love how it turned out!

KC's Creation:

The Reveal:
(This picture, and the pictures inside of the frames were taken by Abigail Devall Photography.)
Ava, Ava, and Ava may have the same name, but they have completely different wall letters to hang in their very different nurseries.  All are beautiful, but very unique like each of them!  To Erin, Brooke, and Amanda:  you are all very special mommies with very special Avas!  Thank you for allowing me to add some Kidspired Creations in your homes!

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