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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Great Gift Idea for Flower Girls

A few months before her wedding, Megan contacted me with a GREAT gift idea for her two beautiful flower girls.  She had purchased 2 sturdy, white cardboard storage/picture boxes and wanted me to paint them.

Her idea was to create a "craft box" filled with crayons, paper, pipe cleaners, glue, glitter, beads and other craft supplies to entertain her flower girls during all of the craziness the weekend of the wedding.  How clever?!?  To an adult, the pampering and waiting around on a wedding day can filled with fun and excitement, but to a little kid, the day can be long and boring having to watch everyone get pretty.

The Craft Boxes gave the girls something to do AND with a creative touch, they became cute decor accessories for their bedrooms.

Megan sent me the boxes and e-mailed pictures of their comforters to  I quickly set to work...

Hannah's comforter was reversible, with stripes on one side, and large, bold circles on the other.  I do not consider these polka dots, because they are all in line with each other.  Polka dots, to me, are more random and do not have a pattern to their placement.

I decided to combine the stripes and the circles so that no matter which side of the comforter was showing, her box would definitely match.  Hannah's name is a palindrome - a word that can be spelled the same backwards and forwards - so I took this FUN tidbit and wrote the first 3 letters, and the same last 3 letters and faced them together so that no matter which way she looked at her box, it spelled her name!  Since learning about them in 2nd grade, I have always had a special place in my heart for palindromes :-)

Camdyn's comforter was quite different... instead of one pattern on one side, and another on the other, hers had a combination of many designs on the front of it.  Megan wrote this about the picture she sent, "Camdyn's comforter was pretty busy, so I tried to get all the parts of it, but you don't have to use all the separate designs."  Well, Megan, I took that as a challenge, my friend.
I really appreciate the time Megan took to make sure she took CLOSE UP pictures of each different design element in the comforter so I could distinctly make out the pink plaid; large, white flowers on dark pink; small, dark pink and white flowers on light pink; white dots on light green, and multi-colored stripes.  This was extremely helpful when trying to paint the box to match as closely as possible.

Oooops... I ran out of room for the stripes.  Looks like I didn't meet the challenge, but I got pretty close!

**In addition to craft supplies, these storage boxes can also be used to hold pictures, CDs, cards, memorabilia, toys such as cars or trains, makeup, nail polish... you name it!  They are also really cute as wrapping for gifts!  Imagine getting a gift inside a box that you can REUSE!  It's brilliant!

Thanks, Megan, for having such a great idea and for letting me be a tiny part of your special day!

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