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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Boy Blue

If you're a mommy of a boy, you can definitely feel my frustration when it comes to finding "cute" boy stuff!  Whether it be clothes or room decor, there just isn't as grand of a selection as there is with girl stuff - at least at the cheap stores where I shop.  When I finally do find something that I think is "cute,"  my 3-year-old is quick to tell me that it is "handsome" because "cute" is for girls... hmm I think my husband planted that one in him.

Anyway, when Nichole contacted me, I was super motivated to make her son's room "cute," yet "handsome" as well.  Here is what Nichole wrote:

"Here is a pic of his new bedspread. I also took a pic of the patterned part. I really like the blues and beige. But [you] can use [all of the] colors... By the way, in the pic one of the colors may look black, but that dark color is like a dark navy blue."
That last little line was SUPER helpful because, yes, I definitely thought it was black.  The more detail a customer can give me, the better!

Isn't this quilted boy's bedding the cutest handsomest?  And it is definitely mature enough to use for years to come!  So, per Nichole's request, I will focus on the dark blues and beiges as well as all of the fun patterns!  I played on the "patchiness" (I thought I made that word up, but spell check didn't catch it, so I get bonus points!) of the comforter.

My favorite letters, and I most often have favorites:

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