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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"The Flute Keeper"

When I first blogged about Abby's nursery, I mentioned the "enchanted nursery" theme that was modeled after an unpublished book...
I love this book!  Two thumbs up!
My sister-in-law Kristen's best friend has written an amazing 5-book fantasy series that is set in a beautiful enchanted forest-type place.  Though this series is unpublished, I have had the privilege of reading it and it is now at the top of my favorites!  Since first reading the books, Kristen has dreamed of making this fantasy-world a reality in her baby's nursery!
Wait no more, folks!  An electronic version of The Flute Keeper, Book 1 of The Flute Keeper Saga, is now available on Amazon!  Author Ashley Setzer has created a magical realm of Fay and Slaugh, pixies and hobgoblins, giants, dryads and one half-human who must save the world from evil powers.  Kristen, Ashley and I will be bringing Faylinn to life in Abby's nursery and we hope to make it as magical and beautiful as it is written in Ashley's books!

So, I'm going to be a first-time aunt ANY DAY NOW (c'mon Abby, we're all waiting for you)!  I am so excited!  We are driving up to Oklahoma this weekend and I will be adding the finishing touches to the nursery... and by finishing touches, I mean painting a giant tree in the corner of the room.  For now I'm doing some last minute projects that will add the perfect touch to the nursery.

I made a surprise painting for the nursery that Kristen will get to see when we arrive in Oklahoma!  The symbol on this picture is the symbol of "Ivywild" the royal city of "Faylinn," home of the "Fay."  (I'm telling you, you have to read this book!)  Anyway, so this is the symbol of the royal city as seen on the "Pyxis Charm," a magical, teleportation, compass-type thing.

I brought in the dragonflies to tie in Abby's bedding (shown in my previous post).  I used the glitter glue (also used below) to make Ivywild shimmery, and more magical!  I also tied in all of the other colors that I have used in Abby's room so far.  Some green here, some pink there, some blue here... and this painting ties it all in!

After I painted it I realized it kind of looks like a sky at sunset and the grass that the castle is sitting on... or maybe that's just me... but it was totally an accident.

I just finished this light switch cover for Abby's nursery!  The coolest thing about this light switch is that the "moon flies" GLOW IN THE DARK AND SPARKLE!!! 

I didn't know if it existed, but I looked for it anyway... glow in the dark paint!  On the bottle it says that you can mix it with regular acrylic (light colored) paints, so that's just what I did!  I also used glitter glue to make the eyes and highlight the wings, making a perfect addition to the enchanted nursery theme!

So, what is a "moon fly?"  I turned my question to Ashley Setzer, author of The Flute Keeper Saga who said, "It's just your average cute little bug-eyed critter with a huge glowing abdomen."  They are used frequently throughout the series to light the way in the dark and I thought they would be perfect to paint on a light switch... get it?  And then on top of that, they glow in the dark... sweet!

"Forever yours"

For more pictures of Abby's "Faylinn-inspired" nursery accessories, go HERE!

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