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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Letter Fonts!

So I have slowly been venturing into the world of FABRICS which means that I have finally entered the wonderful world that is Joann's Fabrics!  I have learned that this store doesn't just have sewing necessities, but also a few other crafty things such as WALL LETTERS!  That's right, folks, Kidspired Creations just got that much cooler because we can now use more fonts and more SIZES in our art!  Here is what I found!
These thin letters would be great for small designs and patterns.
These letters were HUGE like... 2 ft tall!  Ok maybe not that tall, but still REALLY big!
These 3 dimensional cardboard letters now come in 3 different sizes!
Quite possibly my new favorite... just think of the possibilities!  These are pretty large too!
Pretty simple font, but yes, another great option for wall letters if you have a smaller space.
What a great font for a classic boy or girl's nursery!
Great for a smaller space or a really long name!
I really like the width and simplicity of this font!
Cute font!  This is a smaller font, but I love the "dots" at each corner.
Smaller "bubble" font!
And of course, the old stand-by from Hobby Lobby!
And the original "Times New Roman" type font.
Curly Cue now comes in 10" letters too... in addition to the small letters below.
Small "curly cue" letters come in capital and lowercase.
These are the 5" letters for coat/towel racks.
Perfect for bow holders or signs with just initials.
 Ok, so after writing this post, I realize how lame I am for not writing down the ACTUAL sizes and prices for all of these new letter options.  My apologizes!  In my defense, I did have a screaming toddler with me while I was taking all of these pictures... again, my apologizes to everyone in the store... and possibly in the adjoining stores as well.

Now, the prices at this store are a bit higher than Hobby Lobby's so that means these letters could be higher than $10/letter.  I will make sure the prices are still affordable so you can make your child's room cute on a budget!

If you are interested in purchasing wall letters that are a different font and size than we have normally supplied, please contact Casey at and I will definitely get you an estimate with an exact font size!  I can also special order from a supplier just about any font and size you can imagine!  The prices for those are a tad more expensive, though... just a head's up.

Here's a sneak peak of the letters I just did for my baby girl's (due in April) nursery...
Yarn-wrapped letters inspired by a picture on Pinterest!
These are not for sale because, quite frankly, they were a pain in the rear to do!
I did not really enjoy this project, but love the outcome!
I will be adding burlap flowers to it, but I needed a break from these
letters before I started those.

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