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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY: Closet Campout (No-Sew!)

My husband just transformed our hall, open-the-door-and-everything-falls-on-top-of-you closet into our new GAME closet!  He added a few shelves and we cleared everything else out, threw all of our games in, and what was left?  Just our vacuum and carpet cleaners!  Those are the only things to go in the bottom of the closet, and when they aren't in there, it's my boys' favorite place to play.

I decided to turn this new play place into a secret campout!  My gift to you is this:  the easiest DIY project ever!

Tadaaaaaa!  The perfect closet campout!

  • 1 yard of fleece material
  • Shower tension rod
  • 1 pk. shower curtain rings with clips

Step 1:  Cut a vertical slit on one side of your fabric for the door at least 18 inches from the side.  The slit I made is a wee bit shorter than my 4 year old.

Step 2:  Cut a window out on the other side (at least 18 inches from the other side and slit you made for the door).

Step 3:  Don't bother sewing these, the fleece doesn't fray.  So, I guess this isn't really a step.

Step 4:  Attach shower rings with clips to your tension rod and clip your fabric to the rings.

Step 5:  Fit tension rod into the space.  Make sure the fabric just barely touches the ground.

Step 7:  Surprise your kids with an awesome "closet campout!"

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  1. Casey, your kids are so lucky to have such a fun and creative mom! :)


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