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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4th Shipment for Ordinary Grace

If you are new to the Kidspired Creations community, then check out the work we do for Ordinary Grace.  You can also check out our 1st shipment, 2nd shipment and 3rd shipment to learn about each of the cancer warriors and their siblings.

I have just mailed the 4th shipment of grace boxes for Lauren to fill with lots of goodies for FOUR cancer warriors and SIX of their siblings.  FOUR families with a total of TEN children whose lives are affected by this terrible disease.  Please lift these children and their families up in prayer as they make these extremely difficult journeys.

Being 9 months pregnant with Baby #3, I asked for some help in painting all 10 of these boxes.  I want to thank Jess R. for taking time out of her busy mommy schedule to help me finish these grace boxes!  Also, a HUGE thank you to our donors Jessica D., who covers the shipping costs involved with sending the boxes to Lauren in Tennessee, and to Jana W., who covers the cost of each of the boxes that are personalized for each child.  Your time and donations are a huge blessing to me, Lauren, and each cancer warrior and their families!  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS FOR EACH OF THESE FAMILIES!!!  KEEP 'EM COMING!

Cancer Warrior Mia, age 6
Siblings: Charlie (5) and Genevieve (18 months)
Mia is battling Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer

Siblings: Bryce (9) and Kate (7)
Elizabeth is battling Lymphoma.

Cancer Warrior Shelby, age 7
Siblings: Zoey (7) and Harlee (5). 
Shelby is battling a rare form of cancer called LCH.

Caden is battling ALL (Leukemia).

(You must have a Caring Bridge profile in order to access Caden and Elizabeth's Caring Bridge links.)

Update from Lauren, founder of Ordinary Grace via Ordinary Grace's Facebook Page on Grace kids who we have sent grace boxes to:

March 13, 2012
"I am heart broken to share the news that our Grace kid, Ava Nichols, has lost her fight with brain cancer at the age of six. I had the honor of meeting Ava the year before last and it is a memory I will never forget. Ava had an adorable smile and contagious laugh that captured the hearts of all who met her. Ava was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) in March of 2010 and fought long and hard for almost two years. Suffering a stroke last year, Ava faced many set backs but she never gave up. Please keep the Nichols family in your thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult time."

April 5, 2012
"Urgent prayers needed for our Grace kid, Collin Henry: 'Super scary is what the last few minutes have been, his heart rate is over 200, fever is too high for the thermometer to read, shaking violently and screaming about his tummy hurting, kid is really wigging me out...I had to put a nurse on guard to keep Lacey and Patrick out so they wouldn't freak out if they saw him....kid totally wigged me out there! They did some labs, a stomach xray and gave some more morphine.'"  (Message from his family.)

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